Nurture and Nourish

nutrition + lactation

In my years as a community dietitian, I have found there are limited resources to help women as they transition into mothers and for families to learn how to nourish and nurture the growth of their babies and children. It was after my daughter was born that Nurture and Nourish Nutrition was born to help families discover the happiness that can be found in nourishing our babes.

Mommy and Me - Heather

About Heather

registered dietitian
lactation consultant to-be

Starting out as a dietitian I worked with school districts on creating healthy menus, hosting nutrition assemblies and farmers markets for the students, implementing hydroponic gardening, and met with families about food allergies and childhood diabetes. Since then I have moved on to practice a grocery store dietitian. Which has allowed me to work with thousands of families in my community and enjoy helping them find simple mealtime solutions from gardening and cooking classes to meal planning and everything in-between.

More importantly though, I am a mom of a beautiful baby girl.  I have lived through infertility, pregnancy, nursing struggles and successes, the postpartum period, and even being a full-time working mom. My knowledge as a dietitian and my experiences as a mom have inspired me to pursue my lactation consultant license and to apply to become a breastfeeding counselor this August. I truly hope to provide mothers with the support and advice to help them be successful in nourishing their babies.

Nutrition Philosophy

I don’t believe nutrition has to be black and white. In fact, I think we should embrace the ‘gray’. I think food is more than just ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but an important part of our culture, celebration, social experiences, and fueling our bodies. 

I know feeding kids can be tricky and there is a lot of mom guilt out there. I also know there are is a lot of pressure on pregnant and nursing moms to ‘do everything and be everything’. I promise you won’t find any mom guilt or pressure here, just a fellow mom. I want to support each of you where you are at in your journey to wellness and feeding and growing your family. I believe in approachable, realistic, and sustainable nutrition choices, which includes all foods!

I'd love to know more about you!